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How do I find my size?

To help you shop we made sizes the first blog topic for the new website.  Not all smalls are equal. There are UK, USA, Europe, Asia and many other standards. We are perhaps closer to USA and one size up from EU labels. That means that if you buy USA Small you are a NIKU […]

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In our slideshow you see some landmarks like the Cape Town Stadium and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. What are your landmarks? WE invite you to share a picture of yourself in NIKU with your #landmark. Tag us on instagram, facebook, twitter or  email your pic to 

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Posing trunks

Boldly posing in his NIKU 2-tone brief, Damian ripped up the competition to win the second place at the latest NABBA MUSCLE DYNAMIX W.F.F. show. Damian is a personal trainer and fitness fanatic. We are honoured to have him in the website gallery with the other great guys who feature in our pictures. Follow him […]

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