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How do I find my size?

To help you shop we made sizes the first blog topic for the new website. 

Not all smalls are equal. There are UK, USA, Europe, Asia and many other standards. We are perhaps closer to USA and one size up from EU labels. That means that if you buy USA Small you are a NIKU Small. If you buy a Europe small consider the NIKU XS.

The sizes 32, 34, 36 etc. refer to Inches. Some people get confused, because the denim brand they buy makes them a 33. To convert centimetres to inches divide by 2.5, eg:  85cm divide by 2,5 = 34. Yes, this means you are a 34.

To simplify things for yourself we recommend you know your measurements in centimetres. See the attached chart for our size breakdown. Happy shopping!

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